Alright ladies, this gift guide is for that special man in your life. I hand selected each one of these items, some I even own personally, so they are 100% guy-approved. Whether that man is a tech-nerd like me, fashion savvy, or just likes the latest trends, these gift ideas are sure to please the favorite men in your life.




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  1. RING VIDEO DOORBELL : the tech-nerd in me loves this gift idea. Pairing it up with the Echo speaker I feature below, allows you to hear and speak to visitors using two-way talk. So basically can answer the door without actually going to the door….thats cool!

  2. UGG SLIPPERS : Sam just got me my first pair of house slippers a couple weeks ago, and honestly, I don’ know how I’ve gone so long without them! I’ve had my eye on this pair. I like the dark color and the rubber sole, that way I can still wear them while taking Reggie out in the morning.

  3. EVERYDAY WATCH : This is a classic, everyday watch. I like the cognac band color, and the face isn’t overly detailed, making it easy to read.

  4. TRAVEL DUFFEL BAG : I’ve had the same duffel bag for years, so it is definitely time for an upgrade, and this Herschel bag is on my radar. The dark color helps with wear and tear, and hiding scuff marks, but the real selling point is the separate compartment for your dirty shoes…..GENIUS!

  5. FULL ZIP SWEATER : Sam’s not the only one who likes to be cozy, I can get down with a comfy sweater. I like that this one isn’t too bulky, and it can be worn as a jacket in the fall, and then layered under a thicker coat for the winter.

  6. WIRELESS HEADPHONES : I don’t know about you, but I’m not the type of guy to wear those huge headphones to the gym. It’s just not me, and they kinda get in the way and feel heavy, especially when running on the treadmill. These truly wireless headphones are the perfect gift for the active man-perfect for the gym or the trail!

  7. BAXTER GROOMING SET : Baxter of California are my favorite man-grooming products…shoutout to my barber back home for introducing me! Their clay pomade is the only hair product I use, and I love it. I like that this set includes some of Baxter’s best selling items, including the pomade, beard oil, and beard shaving gel.

  8. ECHO SPEAKER : The ECHO speaker with Alexa has been on my wish list for a while. The tech nerd in me loves anything that can simplify my life and with its capability to respond to questions and commands, I don’t even have to get up to search Google lol.

  9. PORTABLE ESPRESSO MACHINE : I work as a night-shift nurse, so caffeine is pretty much a necessity in my life. This portable espresso machine makes getting that drop of gold super easy, plus I can see myself even bringing this to work with me. Perfect gift for any fellow coffee lover.

  10. BIRDDOG SHORTS : these are my all-time favorite shorts. I own them in 3 different colors, and its the only short I would ever wear if Sam let me. The built in liner keeps everything in place, while also making them suitable for swimming, working out, running, etc. Wear them from the pool straight to your favorite spot to eat without having to change, now thats my kind of short!

  11. SNEAKERS : You can’t go wrong with a classic sneaker, and this gray pair will go with anything. The less choices I have to make when it comes to putting an outfit together, the better.

  12. ROCKS GLASS : I recently started a bourbon collection, and these rocks glasses would be the perfect addition to my bar setup. I like how they are customizable, and think it would be cool to get one for each of your favorite cities, vacation destinations, etc.

  13. EMBER CERAMIC MUG : like I said, coffee is a staple in my life and the fact that I can now control the temperature of my coffee from my phone is just cool. Is it necessary? No. But is it a neat gift? Absolutely!

  14. SHAVING KIT : Gift this shaving kit with the Baxter grooming set above and your man is sure to never be unkept again!