Depending on who you ask, building a wedding registry can either be the most fun or the most daunting wedding task.  In my opinion, creating our wedding registry has been one of the most fun wedding “to-do’s”…mainly because Nathan and I were able to do it together!  Nathan might not be too invested in the flower arrangements or party favors, buy my guy loves a good kitchen appliance so he was all for sitting down and creating a list together.  Plus, what’s not fun about telling your guests EXACTLY what is on your wish list (I wish I could do this for every holiday, birthday, etc.). But for some people, creating this list might seem a little off-putting.  After all, it can be difficult sorting through what items you THINK you need versus items you’ll never use, plus items for your FUTURE.  At the end of the day, this wish-list is meant to help you and your future spouse build a beautiful life together, not to overwhelm you,  That’s why I’ve put together my 10 TIPS FOR CREATING THE BEST WEDDING REGISTRY

  1. DON’T GO OVERBOARD- it’s easy to want to register at a ton of different stores, but do yourself (and your guests) a favor and stick to 2-3 different stores.  This will give your guests different options, while allowing you to keep track of everything as it is being purchased.   Also, register for items in a range of prices so people can choose gifts within their means. 

  2. PLAN AHEAD- it may seem like a daunting task, but do your registry 4-6 months before your wedding.  This will allow your guests to gift you items from your wish-lists for all the big pre-wedding events such as your engagement party, bridal shower, etc.  Planning ahead will also give you plenty of time to edit, remove or change items as you go.  Just ask Nathan, I’ve edited our list about 5 times now lol.

  3. THINK LONG-TERM - don’t just think about what you need at this exact moment, but try to think for the future.  Do you love to entertain?  Do you see yourself hosting big holiday dinners?  I may not necessarily need 5 different serving dishes right now, since it’s just Nathan and I, but I envision us hosting family dinners in the future, so I added them to my list!  Creating your registry is a great time to dream about what your future and traditions you will create as a married couple!

  4. INVOLVE THE GROOM- Your fiancé might not be as enthusiastic about small appliances and kitchen gadgets as mine is, but I think it is super important to involve the groom in the registry process.   After all, you are creating a home and a life TOGETHER, so let your other-half get involved!  Does your groom do any of the cooking or cleaning?  Maybe there is a new gadget he has his eye on.  And don’t forget about tools or other equipment for around the house, they just might have a few good ideas you didn’t even think about!

  5. IS IT MULTI-PURPOSE- If you are on the fence about an item, think if it will have multiple uses.  For example, I kept going back and forth on whether I needed a Kitchen Aid stand mixer (mainly because it seems to be on every single wedding registry I’ve ever looked at). But here’s the thing, I’m not a huge baker and I can’t count the number on times I’ve even used a hand blender on one hand.  So although the stand mixer itself may have multi-uses, I knew that most-likely it would end up being a pretty counter decoration.  So I opted to register for other items I knew I would use every day!

  6. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX- go beyond traditional registry “must-haves” and put items on your list that help reflect you as a couple.  Do you love spending time entertaining outdoors?  Maybe you could use a new grill!  Don’t love entertaining, but love camping?  Register for a tent vs that appetizer platter you will never use! Nathan and I love to travel, but we desperately needed new luggage…..so we put it on our registry!  Don’t forget that “experiences” can also be a great gift idea!

  7. HAVE A COHESIVE VISION- When it comes to entertaining & kitchen/decor items, ideally you want pieces that all work together, so having a clear vision of your personal home decor style or color scheme is really beneficial.   And you know I’m all about going NEUTRAL!! You can always add in pops of color or fun patterns with accent pieces (whether its napkins on your dining room table or a colorful throw pillow). Keeping your main pieces (ie: kitchen dishes, placemats, etc.) a classic, neutral color is timeless and will allow you the flexibility to add more inexpensive accent pieces for the changing seasons and changing trends.

  8. DON’T GO SCANNER-CRAZY-  it’s easy to get carried away with items you feel like you SHOULD have on your list (I’m looking at you stand mixer) but remember that this registry list is going to vary from couple to couple according to your specific needs.  For example, Nathan and I were both established when we came into our relationship and we already owned a ton of household items.  So our registry may look completely different from a new college graduate couple.  There is no right and wrong here, but don’t feel pressured to add items to your list that you know you’re never going to use.

  9. DON’T BE AFRAID TO SPLURGE-  this is your wedding (and ideally you’re only going to do this once) so don’t be afraid to add more expensive items to the list, even if you’re shying away because of the price tag. Many stores also have the ability to do group-gifting, this allows guests to gift a portion of the total price of a larger ticket item.  Need a new mattress?  It doesn’t hurt to put it on the list!

  10. TAKE INVENTORY-  This is my #1 tip in creating your wedding registry.  Take inventory of the current items you have and MAKE A LIST, especially if you plan on doing your registry at the store vs online.  Before Nathan and I set out to create our registry, we literally looked at everything we already owned to make note of what items we truly needed and what items needed upgraded/replaced.  This gave us a good starting point, and we were sure to put all those necessary items first on our registry.  Everything else will be a bonus!  Plus, making a list will keep you (or your gadget obsessed fiancé) from going scanner-happy in-store!