Good morning friends!!  I have been meaning to do a Wedding Wednesday post for a while now, but life has been SO busy!!

Nathan and I are pretty much in the final stretch now, with less than two months to go (45 days to be exact). You would think that we have everything under control, especially since I am a super-planner, but there is actually still quite a lot of smaller details to take care of.

We sent out our wedding Save the Dates back in February, but I wanted to share them with you now!  


Honestly, I really didn’t know anything about this process and the thought of it overwhelmed me before starting. I had no idea where to begin.  After doing some research online, I found a company called Minted.  I requested a sample kit from them which included postcards, envelopes, different Silhouette shapes, font styles, color choices, paper styles, etc.  I had never used them previously, but they seemed to make the process so simple as well a wide variety of design options!

My first step was to narrow down the “type” of save the date card I wanted.  I knew I wanted  a postcard style, with a vertical layout (mainly because I had a specific engagement photo I wanted to use) and I also knew I wanted them to be very simple and elegant.  

Once I found a general design I loved, I then tweaked certain aspects to make it fit our needs.  That is another great thing about Minted, you can customize the designs by changing font styles, colors, spacing, etc.  So even though you are starting out with a generalized “template” so to speak, you can really make it your own!  


On the front of the card, we used one of my favorite engagement photos in black and white, with black script font blocked out below the picture.  I wanted our guests to have a full size photo of us that they could keep if they wanted!  On the back of the save the date, I included a smaller picture of our little family ( you didn’t think I was going to leave Reggie out did you?) and also our wedding website where guests could get more information about our big day!  Another thing that is great about Minted, is they offer free guest addressing and free return address printing!  All you do is simply load your guest address spreadsheet, and all the hard work is done for you!

Overall, I absolutely love how the Save the Dates turned out!  We were so happy with the design, that we ended up using Minted to put together our wedding invitations as well!  Actually we just sent those out last week!  I’ll save that post for another day!

Hope you all enjoyed this post, and can’t wait to update you on more wedding details later!