One of the best parts about wedding planning is getting to ask your closest friends to stand by your side on your big day. I swear its almost as exciting as actually getting engaged!  I kinda got a hint of what Nathan may have been feeling when he popped the big question, because the days leading up to when the girls boxes were to be delivered, I was SO nervous.  These ladies have been with me through some of the best and worst times of my life, and I couldn’t imagine sharing this special day with anyone else!

So for my bridesmaid proposal, I decided to curate a box filled with a few fun and pretty items to show them just how much each one of them mean to me! 

Bridesmaid- Proposal-How-To-Ask-Your-Bridesmaids-Wedding-2.jpg

The first item I chose are these dainty knot earrings.  Each of my bridesmaids loved these!  I like that they are simple and elegant, and a nice every day piece to add to their jewelry collection!  I went with rose gold, but they also come in silver as well!

I also added nail polish and a simple white candle to their box.  I picked 4 different colors in the polish, all ranging in the light pink/nude color scheme.  I think these colors would be perfect for the girls to wear on their nails and toes the day of!  The candle was more of a filler item, but it went perfectly with the theme, plus who doesn’t love a good candle?

The next thing I added were these yummy Champagne Bubble candies from Sugarfina (and yes, I ordered some samples for myself too….quality control lol). I originally wanted to do mini bottles of Champagne, but since I was mailing all of the boxes I wasn’t able to do that (you can’t mail alcohol). So I figured the candies would be a super cute alternative!

The last item I added was hydrating face mist in varying scents.  This was something I added with pampering in mind!  I think facial mists are luxurious and they are also really hydrating, and thought it was a little something to make the girls feel extra beautiful.  


To finish off the boxes, I added a little succulent for a touch of greenery as well as a special handwritten note to each one of them.  My friend Erinn at Lexington Lettering did the lettering for the cards, envelopes, and nametages.  She is amazing and if you’re ever in need of calligraphy, she’s your girl (check out her Etsy shop HERE) !  Once I put all the items in the box how I like, I covered them with bubble wrap, attached the lid, made a pretty little bow with satin ribbon and added their hand-lettered name tag!  

I absolutely love how these handcrafted boxes turned out!! I like that I chose smaller, hand-picked items for the “proposal”. I think it gave the boxes a more personalized feel and allowed me to add my own touch of style.  It was such an amazing feeling to have my closest friends call me with pure joy, saying “YES, OF COURSE” when they received them!  They even brought tears to my eyes with all their sweet words!! It makes me even more excited for the big day and getting to go through this entire experience with my best friends!

Are you planning a wedding of your own? I would love to hear how you asked your bridesmaids in the comments below! There’s a new wedding themed post the first Wednesday of every month!! Stay tuned for the next Wedding Wednesday in December!