This post is sponsored by Chuckit! but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

If you’ve been following us for awhile now, you know that Reggie (our 4 year old Cocker Spaniel) is not just our pet, but truly is part of our family!!  From his obsession with belly-rubs and walks outside, to his quirky grin, he makes us smile every day!

It’s important to us that we keep our furbaby healthy and active, so Nathan and I are always looking for ways to get exercise with Reggie. One of our favorite things to do is play “fetch” !  We go to our local park, or even right in our own backyard, bring the good ole ChuckIt! launcher and off we go!  It allows us to get outside and enjoy the weather-plus its a great way to stay active!  Thats why we are super pumped about celebrating National Fetch Day this year!  Did you know that the 3rd Saturday of October is Chuckit! National Fetch Day?!  You better believe that the three of us will be heading to the park on October 19th to celebrate this fun holiday with our furry best friend! So grab your toy, get your dog, and come join us for a fetchin’ way for your dog to play!

Here’s a couple of reasons why we personally love celebrating National Fetch Day :

  • Dogs have an innate instinct to retrieve things…its part of their hunting nature! A day that promotes this instinct, helps with training and good behavior!

  • Your furry friend needs exercise as much as we do! Playing fetch is a great way to increase stamina, and keep your pup fit and healthy.

  • Last but not least, my favorite reason: playing fetch helps us to bond with our dogs! Any holiday dedicated to the union between man and his best friend is pretty cool in my book!

So grab your toy, get your dog, and come join us for a fetchin’ way for your dog to play on National Fetch Day!

Do you celebrate National Fetch Day with your furry best friend?  If so, I’d love to know what you plan on doing!!  If you’re still trying to come up with some fun ways to celebrate, here are a couple of ideas!  

  • Host a Fetch Day party
    Corral all the neighborhood canines at a local dog park and host an epic game of fetch. Bring some balls, sticks, chew toys, and of course, your Chuckit! launcher and watch your friendly doggies compete to be the best dog on the block!

  • Hit the lake
    There are few places better suited for a great game of fetch than the water! The terrain changes and the water will give your dog the added exercise they need. Plus, tossing a ChuckIt! ball into the waves adds an extra layer of excitement for your furry friend. If you don’t have a lake nearby, a pond or even a stream would be just as fun! And don’t worry, the ChuckIt! Ball, ZipFlight and Kick Fetch toys all float!

  • Train a pup in the ways of being “so fetch”
    Yes, it may be in their nature to retrieve, but some puppies still need training in the game of fetch. Choose one of the ChuckIt! toys that your dog likes best! Toss it and chase the ball with your dog. Use phrases like “go fetch it” to add verbal cues. Then of course, reinforce their good behavior with treats….because who doesn’t like treats?!

So grab your toy, get your dog, and come join us for a fetchin’ way for your dog to play on National Fetch Day! And don’t forget, you can celebrate National Fetch Day in person with other dog owners by attending one of the the official ChuckIt! Parties ! To find a location near you, Click HERE