I think one of the best parts about getting married is being able to share that big, memorable day with some of my closest friends. These guys have been with me through the best and worst times, and I couldn't imagine having anyone else beside me for one of the biggest days of my life! So for my groomsman proposal (for the record, this was Sam’s initial idea but I’m not gonna lie…I kinda got into it), I put together a fun box full of some of their favorites and a couple of personalized pieces as well. 

The first item I chose for these boxes was SURPRISE: their favorite alcohol! This probably isn’t a huge shocker to anyone. Anyway, I chose the specific bottles according to each of their liquors of choice. Bulleit Bourbon for two of the guys, Tanqueray for one, and Jagermeister for another because “according to chemistry, alcohol is a solution.” All jokes aside, getting to share the company with some of these men, with our favorite drink in hand, has been a favorite past time of mine for many years. Trust me, we’ve had some deep, and probably highly inappropriate, conversations over a good drink so I found it pretty much a necessity to have this item included. To go along with the liquor, I also added a personalized flask with their name and the date of our wedding. Bets on how many of my guys will have these hidden in their suit jackets?

The next item I included was a cigar from Exotic Cigars on the famous River Street of Savannah, GA.  I picked these up when Sam and I visited there during a trip last summer. Nothing speaks “classic past time” more than enjoying a cigar with your best friends on a sunny day by the lake! "The best cigar in the world is the one you prefer to smoke on special occasions, enabling you to relax and enjoy that which gives you maximum pleasure." - Zino Davidoff. I couldn’t agree more!

Another item I chose was a pair of personalized wooden sunglasses with each guys name and position in the wedding. I love the idea of having a picture of us all wearing our sunglasses on the big day! However, Sam made me SWEAR that no one will be wearing them during the wedding ceremony….I might not be able to keep any promises.


To finish off the boxes, each of my guys received a personalized handwritten note. In the note I included a special memory I have with each one of them and ended by asking them to stand by my side on the big day. See, I can be sentimental too! The same lady (Erinn from Lexington Lettering) who created the cards for Sam’s Bridesmaid Proposal box (full post HERE) also wrote the cards for my groomsmen. 

Overall, I really like how these boxes turned out!! At first, I wasn’t completely on board with putting together a “proposal” box for my guys but I think choosing items that hold significance for our friendship gave the boxes a more personalized feel and I honestly ended up really getting into the whole gifting process….I even made Sam add the final touches with a ribbon bow lol. Fortunately, I was able to hand-deliver the gifts and seeing the guys’ reaction when they opened their boxes was priceless!  They were super excited and it was a pretty cool feeling to have my closest friends say “DUDE, OF COURSE I’LL STAND BY YOU” when they opened their cards!   It makes me even more excited for the big day and getting to go through this entire experience with my best friends!