Since Nathan and I work completely opposite shifts at the hospital (I work day-shift, he works night-shift) we have to get creative in the ways we spend time together.  If we aren’t mindful about setting aside time for just him and I, we can go days without seeing one another!  Which we all know isn’t healthy for any kind of relationship.  One of our favorite ways of spending intentional time with one another is making “dates” out of otherwise ordinary outings.  We will have ice cream dates, park dates, movie dates, etc.  But one of our absolute favorites are BREAKFAST DATES!  We have always loved sharing a morning cup of coffee together, so it was only natural that this idea came to mind.  So, this morning I woke up bright and early to meet Nathan for an 8 AM date at Doodles Cafe in the NoLi district of downtown Lexington.  


Located at 262 N. Limestone, Doodles is a locally owned and locally sourced restaurant serving creole-inspired breakfast and lunch items.  A former gas-station, Doodles has been repurposed into a hip spot with local flare.  As you walk in, the menu is hanging on the wall, in a larger poster format.  We hurriedly picked out our breakfast of choice (I had gotten there about 15 minutes before Nathan so I perused the menu online beforehand) as we stood in line to place our order and pay with the cashier. Nathan went with the Dirty Shrimp & Grits, I choose the Corned Beef Hash with an over-easy egg on top.  Of course, we also had to get a basket of the biscuits and local honey as well!  (Homemade biscuits are just one of the perks of living and eating in the south!!).  After placing our order, we were handed a numbered card, lucky #88, and our coffee cups, and went to go find a table on their outdoor patio.  It was a cool, breezy morning, so the patio was perfect!  We sipped on our coffee and chatted about Nathan’s work night while their “Doo Wop” soundtrack played in the background. 


The food was served SUPER fast, which was awesome because we were both starving!  The portions were large, served in brightly colored dishes that played along with the unique atmosphere.  Here is our thoughts on the food:


NATHAN’S REVIEW:  Doodles was good! The atmosphere was alive and buzzing with people placing orders for their favorite breakfast meal. I went with the "Dirty Shrimp & Grits" and to be honest it left me desiring a little more flavor. I make Shrimp & Grits quite often for Sam at home; and I usually order it when I see it on a menu when we go out, so I'm no newbie to the Shrimp & Grits game. To me, and this is just my opinion, the grits tasted a little watered down and lacked quite a bit of flavor. I'd most definitely go back to Doodles and try a different menu item though. The biscuits, on the other hand, were some of the best biscuits that I've ever had and paired with their honey or jam made for a perfect sweet treat after the main course. 


SAM’S REVIEW: mine was ok.  I could tell that the corned beef was fresh, and not from a can like most places.  You could actually see and taste the diced carrots, onion, celery, etc which I appreciated the vegetables seemed fresh!  I thought the dish lacked flavor overall, but nothing that a little salt and pepper couldn’t fix.  The eggs were done just as I had ordered them, over-easy.  The biscuits were warm and with the local honey on top, absolutely delicious!  I wouldn’t say it was the best corned beef hash I have ever had, again this is just my personal opinion, but it was good!  

We both agreed Doodles was ok.  I want to go back and try some of their lunch items, because a couple of their sandwiches look amazing ( I’m looking at YOU Kentucky Po-Boy)!  The atmosphere was cool, we loved the outdoor patio and the music, but the food (at least our dishes) left us wanting a little more flavor.