Good morning friends!!  I have been meaning to do a Wedding Wednesday post for a while now, but life has been SO busy!!

Nathan and I are pretty much in the final stretch now, with less than two months to go (45 days to be exact). You would think that we have everything under control, especially since I am a super-planner, but there is actually still quite a lot of smaller details to take care of.

We sent out our wedding Save the Dates back in February, but I wanted to share them with you now!  


Honestly, I really didn’t know anything about this process and the thought of it overwhelmed me before starting. I had no idea where to begin.  After doing some research online, I found a company called Minted.  I requested a sample kit from them which included postcards, envelopes, different Silhouette shapes, font styles, color choices, paper styles, etc.  I had never used them previously, but they seemed to make the process so simple as well a wide variety of design options!

My first step was to narrow down the “type” of save the date card I wanted.  I knew I wanted  a postcard style, with a vertical layout (mainly because I had a specific engagement photo I wanted to use) and I also knew I wanted them to be very simple and elegant.  

Once I found a general design I loved, I then tweaked certain aspects to make it fit our needs.  That is another great thing about Minted, you can customize the designs by changing font styles, colors, spacing, etc.  So even though you are starting out with a generalized “template” so to speak, you can really make it your own!  


On the front of the card, we used one of my favorite engagement photos in black and white, with black script font blocked out below the picture.  I wanted our guests to have a full size photo of us that they could keep if they wanted!  On the back of the save the date, I included a smaller picture of our little family ( you didn’t think I was going to leave Reggie out did you?) and also our wedding website where guests could get more information about our big day!  Another thing that is great about Minted, is they offer free guest addressing and free return address printing!  All you do is simply load your guest address spreadsheet, and all the hard work is done for you!

Overall, I absolutely love how the Save the Dates turned out!  We were so happy with the design, that we ended up using Minted to put together our wedding invitations as well!  Actually we just sent those out last week!  I’ll save that post for another day!

Hope you all enjoyed this post, and can’t wait to update you on more wedding details later!




When I first started thinking about the hair and makeup for my wedding day, I didn’t really know where to begin. I’m not really a maintenance kind of girl….I hate getting a pedicure, I have never tried eyelash or hair extensions, and I can count the times on one hand that I’ve gotten a spa treatment. So I felt like I had a TON of questions about not only for the day-of the wedding, but also how to appropriately prepare in the months leading up to the big day. I think every woman wants to feel and look like a princess on their wedding day, so that may include extra services that you normally don’t treat yourself to. After doing some initial research online, I realized there wasn’t very much information out there for brides to be in terms of hair and makeup. Yes, Pinterest has all the beautiful inspo pics…but I needed ANSWERS. I found myself constantly reaching out to my sister-in-law (who owns her own salon & spa) with all my beauty questions. I figured I couldn’t be the only woman who felt completely clueless when it came to this wedding day topic, so I decided to reach out to my personal hair stylist Jessica Bach at Savvy Salon & Spa, as well my friend and makeup artist Molly Uedig at Hair, Makeup & Molly to get their expert opinion. They were kind enough to answer all my hair and makeup questions, as well as provide some common questions they frequently receive from their bridal clients. So in case you are also feeling alone in your bridal beauty journey, this post is for you! I hope you enjoy Wedding Day Glam: A Hair and Makeup Q&A.


Wedding Day Glam: Hair

Advice on hair touch ups throughout the day?

  • Have light hold hairspray and bobby pins available. Assign hair duty to a trusty friend! 

How many stylists per amount of girls do you need? For instance, if you have 12 wedding guests that want their hair done, how many stylists do you need? Or do you do it in waves?  

  • 6 bridesmaids will require 2 or more stylists

  • The bride usually require 2.5 hours 

  • Assign 4– 5 stylists If you have 10 or more wedding guests 

  • Ask your stylists, they will always give you the best advice depending on their speed and experience.

What about extensions? Are clip in extensions ok or do I need to splurge and invest in sewn in extensions?

  • First time extension wearers will want clip ins just because they will feel more comfortable after removing them at the end of the day. I suggest Permanent hair extensions If you want a certain look for the rehearsal dinner and your honey moon.

If you regularly color your hair, how close to the wedding should you have your hair color touched up?

  •  Hair color should be done two weeks prior to the wedding to allow room for any last minute details building up to the wedding. Also, hair appointments with your stylist should be booked at least a month before the appointment date to ensure your stylist has availability 

How much time should you a lot for hair on the wedding day?

  • Hair and makeup will take at least 3-4 hours. I would ask the stylists depending on their speed and expertise. Consider location if they are comfortable on site with plenty of lighting, outlets, extension cords, space as this will slow down the process if the working space is set up incorrectly.

  • What is your opinion on the bridal party traveling to the hair/makeup studio vs having the beauty team come to your house/hotel/etc?

  • Both are suitable as long as the working space is set up completely. Also remember that a stylist leaving their salon will need time to set up and break down.

  • Prior to the day-of, have a schedule made with consistent time checks to make sure you are running on time. You may want to consult with your wedding planner or day-of coordinator if you have one.

  • Ensure a designated clean working area with your photographer in order to have behind the scenes pictures of the getting ready process. Lighting, outlets, mirrors, tables, extension cords, and a schedule will make the process much more organized. 

What is the protocol on payment?

  • Typically the payment is provided by each wedding guest unless you have a more flexible budget. 

What happens if the main stylist the bride booked with is sick?

  • Having a larger team booked for hair and makeup is always a safer bet. 

  • Blow dry bars in the area are a great resource

  • Discuss hair and makeup with a friend prior who is blessed with beauty skills. 

  • If you have a dependable stylist who can save the day make sure they know the day of the wedding in advance

How many hair trials are appropriate and what should you go over during the trial? Do “inspiration/Pinterest images” help the stylist?

  • One trial is typical. Trials will take one hour book them a month before the wedding and be open to their suggestions after you share your inspiration.

What is the protocol for adding on people once the initial contract was booked?

  • Adding guests should be discussed with your hair and makeup team a month in advance. Be aware of compromising your schedule with last minute changes. 

What is the protocol if someone is not pleased with their hair style?

  • Open communication is always a requirement during the process to avoid dissatisfaction. 

How do you keep the hairstyles timeless and cohesive?

  • Styles are timeless and cohesive if you allow a creative to coach you on what will work for your hair type. 

How do you explain to the wedding party that there needs to be uniformity, not one girl tying to over shine the bride?

  • Styles should be chosen before the wedding day to ensure they have your approval.

What is the “tipping” protocol?

  • Always tip at least 20% of the total cost. 


Wedding Day Glam: Makeup

If you want to play-up your eyes, is it better to go with eyelash extensions or flasies?

  • If you’re a bride who likes to glam and is used to using falsies, and you have a pair you love I say go for it! If you have sensitive eyes or are nervous falsies might irritate your eyes I would opt for lash extensions. If you go the extension route, I suggest trying them a few months before your wedding to make sure they are right for you. Either way, lashes stand out in pictures and truly complete a makeup look. I think everyone should wear them on their wedding day!

Do you have any recommendations for skincare prep?

  • Make sure you exfoliate the night before and use a heavy moisturizer. The following morning apply a day time moisturizer at least 30 min before your makeup goes on. Even if you have oily skin, this step is essential for a flawless glowy bridal look. I would suggest a gentle facial the week before as well! 

What about makeup touch-ups throughout the day?

  • You’re only paying your makeup artist for the hours they a lot to you, so anything past that will be your responsibility. I suggest going to Sephora, have them do your makeup and give you suggestions on a great lipstick, concealer and powder. Keep those in your clutch or hand them to your most responsible bridesmaid so they are available to you for touch ups through out the day! If you go the falsie route, get a lash glue with a wand applicator just in case. 

Is it a good idea to have inspiration pictures to show your makeup artist?

  • Honestly, I have mixed feelings on this one. Pictures are great as long as the person in the pictures has similar features/ tones to you. If your makeup artist makes a suggestion or steers you in a different direction, trust them and work with them They are there to highlight your best features. My best work is always when the Bride is laid back and open to my suggestions! 

What is the best way to handle lipstick application throughout the day?

  • Buy a lipstick for your makeup artist to put on that you can keep and re apply through out the day. 

What type of outfit is best to wear so it doesn’t  mess up makeup?

  • Some sort of button up or robe without a collar! 

How many makeup trials should you do pre-wedding? 

  • I usually suggest one! Anything more than that can make you over think it and stress over it. Have it done when you plan to go out with your friends or somewhere your going to take pictures. If there are things you want to change day of just let your makeup artist know and he or she will make those adjustments for you! Again, find a makeup artist you truly trust and let them take the lead. It will be less stress on you and I promise their work will be best when they feel like you are trusting them.

What is the tipping protocol?

Your makeup artist is providing you with a service, just like anything else in the service industry I recommend that you tip! Let them know you appreciate them. 

What if I cry / How do I prevent my makeup from smearing?

  • Order a cute handkerchief off of Etsy and keep it with you trough out the day. Instead of wiping your tears, gently dab them to prevent any running or smudging. Your makeup artist will have waterproof mascara available to you of course but this is a good bonus tip! 

What is better: Traditional or airbrush makeup?

  • I haven’t worked with airbrush much myself and I find my best work to be with traditional makeup. However another makeup artist work may be reflected better through airbrush. Find someone’s work you love, and trust the product they are using! They are the professionals and are going to be using high quality product that will last all day regardless. Again, trust your professional! 

If I get a spray tan will it effect my makeup look?

  • Nope! Your makeup artist will have a variety of shades to match your color perfectly no matter how dark or light your skin may be.


Photography by KATA WALSH

Our event was held at Savvy Salon & Spa in the beautiful downtown area of Lexington, KY. Thank you Savannah, owner of the salon, for graciously hosting us!


This collaboration was made possible with the following local creatives!

PHOTOGRAPHY: Kata Walsh | @km_creatives

MAKEUP: Molly Ueding | @hairmakeupandmolly

MASTER STYLIST: Jessica Bach | @jessicaaneebach

ASSISTANT STYLIST: Hayley Smith | @hays.hair.affair




I think one of the best parts about getting married is being able to share that big, memorable day with some of my closest friends. These guys have been with me through the best and worst times, and I couldn't imagine having anyone else beside me for one of the biggest days of my life! So for my groomsman proposal (for the record, this was Sam’s initial idea but I’m not gonna lie…I kinda got into it), I put together a fun box full of some of their favorites and a couple of personalized pieces as well. 

The first item I chose for these boxes was SURPRISE: their favorite alcohol! This probably isn’t a huge shocker to anyone. Anyway, I chose the specific bottles according to each of their liquors of choice. Bulleit Bourbon for two of the guys, Tanqueray for one, and Jagermeister for another because “according to chemistry, alcohol is a solution.” All jokes aside, getting to share the company with some of these men, with our favorite drink in hand, has been a favorite past time of mine for many years. Trust me, we’ve had some deep, and probably highly inappropriate, conversations over a good drink so I found it pretty much a necessity to have this item included. To go along with the liquor, I also added a personalized flask with their name and the date of our wedding. Bets on how many of my guys will have these hidden in their suit jackets?

The next item I included was a cigar from Exotic Cigars on the famous River Street of Savannah, GA.  I picked these up when Sam and I visited there during a trip last summer. Nothing speaks “classic past time” more than enjoying a cigar with your best friends on a sunny day by the lake! "The best cigar in the world is the one you prefer to smoke on special occasions, enabling you to relax and enjoy that which gives you maximum pleasure." - Zino Davidoff. I couldn’t agree more!

Another item I chose was a pair of personalized wooden sunglasses with each guys name and position in the wedding. I love the idea of having a picture of us all wearing our sunglasses on the big day! However, Sam made me SWEAR that no one will be wearing them during the wedding ceremony….I might not be able to keep any promises.


To finish off the boxes, each of my guys received a personalized handwritten note. In the note I included a special memory I have with each one of them and ended by asking them to stand by my side on the big day. See, I can be sentimental too! The same lady (Erinn from Lexington Lettering) who created the cards for Sam’s Bridesmaid Proposal box (full post HERE) also wrote the cards for my groomsmen. 

Overall, I really like how these boxes turned out!! At first, I wasn’t completely on board with putting together a “proposal” box for my guys but I think choosing items that hold significance for our friendship gave the boxes a more personalized feel and I honestly ended up really getting into the whole gifting process….I even made Sam add the final touches with a ribbon bow lol. Fortunately, I was able to hand-deliver the gifts and seeing the guys’ reaction when they opened their boxes was priceless!  They were super excited and it was a pretty cool feeling to have my closest friends say “DUDE, OF COURSE I’LL STAND BY YOU” when they opened their cards!   It makes me even more excited for the big day and getting to go through this entire experience with my best friends!




Depending on who you ask, building a wedding registry can either be the most fun or the most daunting wedding task.  In my opinion, creating our wedding registry has been one of the most fun wedding “to-do’s”…mainly because Nathan and I were able to do it together!  Nathan might not be too invested in the flower arrangements or party favors, buy my guy loves a good kitchen appliance so he was all for sitting down and creating a list together.  Plus, what’s not fun about telling your guests EXACTLY what is on your wish list (I wish I could do this for every holiday, birthday, etc.). But for some people, creating this list might seem a little off-putting.  After all, it can be difficult sorting through what items you THINK you need versus items you’ll never use, plus items for your FUTURE.  At the end of the day, this wish-list is meant to help you and your future spouse build a beautiful life together, not to overwhelm you,  That’s why I’ve put together my 10 TIPS FOR CREATING THE BEST WEDDING REGISTRY

  1. DON’T GO OVERBOARD- it’s easy to want to register at a ton of different stores, but do yourself (and your guests) a favor and stick to 2-3 different stores.  This will give your guests different options, while allowing you to keep track of everything as it is being purchased.   Also, register for items in a range of prices so people can choose gifts within their means. 

  2. PLAN AHEAD- it may seem like a daunting task, but do your registry 4-6 months before your wedding.  This will allow your guests to gift you items from your wish-lists for all the big pre-wedding events such as your engagement party, bridal shower, etc.  Planning ahead will also give you plenty of time to edit, remove or change items as you go.  Just ask Nathan, I’ve edited our list about 5 times now lol.

  3. THINK LONG-TERM - don’t just think about what you need at this exact moment, but try to think for the future.  Do you love to entertain?  Do you see yourself hosting big holiday dinners?  I may not necessarily need 5 different serving dishes right now, since it’s just Nathan and I, but I envision us hosting family dinners in the future, so I added them to my list!  Creating your registry is a great time to dream about what your future and traditions you will create as a married couple!

  4. INVOLVE THE GROOM- Your fiancé might not be as enthusiastic about small appliances and kitchen gadgets as mine is, but I think it is super important to involve the groom in the registry process.   After all, you are creating a home and a life TOGETHER, so let your other-half get involved!  Does your groom do any of the cooking or cleaning?  Maybe there is a new gadget he has his eye on.  And don’t forget about tools or other equipment for around the house, they just might have a few good ideas you didn’t even think about!

  5. IS IT MULTI-PURPOSE- If you are on the fence about an item, think if it will have multiple uses.  For example, I kept going back and forth on whether I needed a Kitchen Aid stand mixer (mainly because it seems to be on every single wedding registry I’ve ever looked at). But here’s the thing, I’m not a huge baker and I can’t count the number on times I’ve even used a hand blender on one hand.  So although the stand mixer itself may have multi-uses, I knew that most-likely it would end up being a pretty counter decoration.  So I opted to register for other items I knew I would use every day!

  6. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX- go beyond traditional registry “must-haves” and put items on your list that help reflect you as a couple.  Do you love spending time entertaining outdoors?  Maybe you could use a new grill!  Don’t love entertaining, but love camping?  Register for a tent vs that appetizer platter you will never use! Nathan and I love to travel, but we desperately needed new luggage…..so we put it on our registry!  Don’t forget that “experiences” can also be a great gift idea!

  7. HAVE A COHESIVE VISION- When it comes to entertaining & kitchen/decor items, ideally you want pieces that all work together, so having a clear vision of your personal home decor style or color scheme is really beneficial.   And you know I’m all about going NEUTRAL!! You can always add in pops of color or fun patterns with accent pieces (whether its napkins on your dining room table or a colorful throw pillow). Keeping your main pieces (ie: kitchen dishes, placemats, etc.) a classic, neutral color is timeless and will allow you the flexibility to add more inexpensive accent pieces for the changing seasons and changing trends.

  8. DON’T GO SCANNER-CRAZY-  it’s easy to get carried away with items you feel like you SHOULD have on your list (I’m looking at you stand mixer) but remember that this registry list is going to vary from couple to couple according to your specific needs.  For example, Nathan and I were both established when we came into our relationship and we already owned a ton of household items.  So our registry may look completely different from a new college graduate couple.  There is no right and wrong here, but don’t feel pressured to add items to your list that you know you’re never going to use.

  9. DON’T BE AFRAID TO SPLURGE-  this is your wedding (and ideally you’re only going to do this once) so don’t be afraid to add more expensive items to the list, even if you’re shying away because of the price tag. Many stores also have the ability to do group-gifting, this allows guests to gift a portion of the total price of a larger ticket item.  Need a new mattress?  It doesn’t hurt to put it on the list!

  10. TAKE INVENTORY-  This is my #1 tip in creating your wedding registry.  Take inventory of the current items you have and MAKE A LIST, especially if you plan on doing your registry at the store vs online.  Before Nathan and I set out to create our registry, we literally looked at everything we already owned to make note of what items we truly needed and what items needed upgraded/replaced.  This gave us a good starting point, and we were sure to put all those necessary items first on our registry.  Everything else will be a bonus!  Plus, making a list will keep you (or your gadget obsessed fiancé) from going scanner-happy in-store!




One of the best parts about wedding planning is getting to ask your closest friends to stand by your side on your big day. I swear its almost as exciting as actually getting engaged!  I kinda got a hint of what Nathan may have been feeling when he popped the big question, because the days leading up to when the girls boxes were to be delivered, I was SO nervous.  These ladies have been with me through some of the best and worst times of my life, and I couldn’t imagine sharing this special day with anyone else!

So for my bridesmaid proposal, I decided to curate a box filled with a few fun and pretty items to show them just how much each one of them mean to me! 

Bridesmaid- Proposal-How-To-Ask-Your-Bridesmaids-Wedding-2.jpg

The first item I chose are these dainty knot earrings.  Each of my bridesmaids loved these!  I like that they are simple and elegant, and a nice every day piece to add to their jewelry collection!  I went with rose gold, but they also come in silver as well!

I also added nail polish and a simple white candle to their box.  I picked 4 different colors in the polish, all ranging in the light pink/nude color scheme.  I think these colors would be perfect for the girls to wear on their nails and toes the day of!  The candle was more of a filler item, but it went perfectly with the theme, plus who doesn’t love a good candle?

The next thing I added were these yummy Champagne Bubble candies from Sugarfina (and yes, I ordered some samples for myself too….quality control lol). I originally wanted to do mini bottles of Champagne, but since I was mailing all of the boxes I wasn’t able to do that (you can’t mail alcohol). So I figured the candies would be a super cute alternative!

The last item I added was hydrating face mist in varying scents.  This was something I added with pampering in mind!  I think facial mists are luxurious and they are also really hydrating, and thought it was a little something to make the girls feel extra beautiful.  


To finish off the boxes, I added a little succulent for a touch of greenery as well as a special handwritten note to each one of them.  My friend Erinn at Lexington Lettering did the lettering for the cards, envelopes, and nametages.  She is amazing and if you’re ever in need of calligraphy, she’s your girl (check out her Etsy shop HERE) !  Once I put all the items in the box how I like, I covered them with bubble wrap, attached the lid, made a pretty little bow with satin ribbon and added their hand-lettered name tag!  

I absolutely love how these handcrafted boxes turned out!! I like that I chose smaller, hand-picked items for the “proposal”. I think it gave the boxes a more personalized feel and allowed me to add my own touch of style.  It was such an amazing feeling to have my closest friends call me with pure joy, saying “YES, OF COURSE” when they received them!  They even brought tears to my eyes with all their sweet words!! It makes me even more excited for the big day and getting to go through this entire experience with my best friends!

Are you planning a wedding of your own? I would love to hear how you asked your bridesmaids in the comments below! There’s a new wedding themed post the first Wednesday of every month!! Stay tuned for the next Wedding Wednesday in December!