This post is sponsored by Bona but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Nathan and I both have a crazy work schedule, and with us working opposite shifts at the hospital, we have to take advantage of our time off together.  On my days off,  I don’t want to spend all day cleaning because who has time for that?! Not me!  So today I want to talk about tackling dirty floors.  Do you have floors that are often a challenge to keep clean? Or maybe you’ve made a commitment this year to keep your home more clean but don’t want to spend all day doing it?  Keep reading to see how I cut down on my cleaning time, and the simple way I keep my floors clean with the Bona Quick Clean System.  


Keeping a home clean can be a full time job.  I know that with a busy schedule, a dog, and a somewhat messy husband..I can stay busy all day trying to keep things clean and in order. I find that our entryway is one of the hardest areas of our home to keep clean.  It’s the door we use most often when coming and going, and between our shoes and Reggie’s dirty paws, it seems to always be dirty.    But let’s be real for a minute, by the time I get to the floors, after cleaning the rest of the house, the last thing I want to do is bring out the mop bucket and spend all that time scrubbing on my hands and knees.  I much rather spend that extra time enjoying quality moments with my boys! That is why I decided to make some goals this year to try to keep my home clean without spending hours every day doing it, and with the help of the Bona Quick Clean System , that goal is easily achievable.  


In the past, I have used so many products that left a streaky residue on my floors, which meant I would end up on my hands and knees cleaning it over again.  So, I really enjoy how the Bona Quick Clean System is steak-free and residue free!  That means I can clean the floors one time and be DONE!  Talk about cutting down on cleaning time! 

The Bona Premium Floor Mop is also super easy to put together, the instructions are right on the box and there’s only three steps.  Within minutes I am ready to mop! And with the entire Bona Quick Clean System ,  the products work perfectly together to make cleaning quick, easy and effective…. leaving me more time to enjoy spending the day with Nathan and Reggie. 


Things I love about  The Bona Quick Clean System :

Want to know why I think this cleaning system is the BEST cleaning solution, keep reading below for some of my favorite features!


  • Huge mop head- at 16.75 inches it is easy to mop a room in no time. It also has rubberized corners to protect furniture and baseboards from damage.

  • The Bona Microfiber Cleaning Pad features a unique design with dual zone cleaning action. Its blue fibers help break up grime and the light blue fibers help absorb 2.5 times more dirt and grime

  • The Premium Floor Mop has a telescoping mop handle to clean corners and those hard to reach spaces with ease

  • Easy assembly- I love how easy this Bona mop was to assemble. It literally took about 2 minutes to assemble and be ready to go.

  • Washable cleaning pad. I love that I can simply throw the cleaning pad in the washer and reuse it the next day. It’s economical and environmentally responsible.

  • My husband can use it! Anything that helps me trick Nathan into helping with the cleaning is a huge WIN in my book!

  • The cleaning solution dries fast, and is streak-free and residue free. No more wet footprints/pawprints through my freshly cleaned floors. This is cleaning solution is fast-drying which means we can get about with our day without waiting for the floors to dry!


But what I love most about The Bona Quick Clean System is that the products are perfectly curated to speed up cleaning time so I can spend less time cleaning, and more time making memories with my little family.  

What are your favorite ways to cut down on cleaning time?  To learn more about how you can cut down on cleaning time with Bona click HERE.  As always, thank you for stopping by!