Save money and make delicious, naturally sweet cold brew coffee concentrate at home using your french press.


Have you jumped on the cold-brew train yet? Well I sure have, and let me just say: I LOVE it! I actually prefer it to hot coffee most of the time. I guess I should back up, and tell you how my love for cold-brew began. If you’ve been following me around here for awhile now, you know that I implement intermittent fasting into my daily routine. This means that I don’t typically end up eating until around 12:30 pm each day. To help prolong my fast throughout the morning I will drink coffee, tea, lemon water, etc. Through this whole process, I was trying my hardest to like coffee black or with a minimal amount of unsweetened almond milk (so that I wouldn’t break my fast)….but I just could NOT get into it. If i’m going to drink hot coffee, and actually enjoy it, I need half-and-half….sorry, it’s just the way it is. ENTER: Cold Brew.

Cold-brew is not only slightly sweeter (because of the way the coffee is extracted from the beans during the cold brewing process), but also way less bitter than a traditional cup of hot brewed coffee. So for me, this meant I could have my morning cup of coffee, add a splash of almond milk, and actually enjoy it! However, in this coffee journey, I realized I was spending way too much money on store-bought versions of cold-brew. I’ll admit, I was really intimidated to make my own at home…I thought it was going to require grinders, scales, beakers, and other fancy coffee equipment that I didn’t own. Turns out you just need a French Press (which I already owned), a measuring cup, ground coffee (I get fresh, whole beans ground for me at a local coffee shop), and water!

So if you enjoy a naturally sweeter, less acidic cup of coffee, then this homemade cold-brew coffee concentrate is meant for you. Feel free to customize to your liking with sweeteners, spices, milks or even my Healthy Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer for a little touch of fall!


  • 1 1/2 C coffee, course ground

  • 4 C filtered water

  • French press


  1. Add coffee grounds to your french press

  2. Pour in water and stir vigorously to combine

  3. Cover and allow mixture to steep overnight (8-12 hours) at room temperature

  4. Gently press down on French press plunger to separate grounds from liquid

  5. Pour coffee concentrate into another container. Keep chilled in the fridge until ready to use.


  • For strong coffee I like to use a 1:1 ratio. Pour 1/2 C coffee concentrate and 1/2 C water into glass, add ice.

  • For standard iced coffee, use a 1:2 ratio. Combine 1/2 C coffee concentrate to 1 C water ( I will typically use 1/2C water and 1/2C unsweetened almond milk). Customize your iced coffee with milk, cream and sweeteners as desired…or for a little fall inspired drink, try adding my Healthy Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer !