March is here, which means its officially Spring! In fact, as I am sitting here typing this, I have the windows open because its a sunny 70 degrees today! Spring also means that wedding season is right around the corner! For me, Spring weddings are always a bit of a challenge….especially living up north where the weather is nothing short of temperamental. That means it can be super chilly in the morning, hot in the afternoon, and cold again in the evening once the sun goes down, which makes shopping for events like weddings a little difficult sometimes!

I don’t typically share a ton of fashion-type posts but Nathan and I have a wedding to attend at the end of the month, so I have been looking for something to wear myself! And many of these are options are actually in my shopping chart as we speak! I plan on simply accessorize with a pretty shawl, that way if it is a cooler day or evening I won’t freeze, and a pretty nude heel! I hope this will give you a little inspiration for any weddings you may be attending this Spring! As always, thank you for reading and sharing!