When I first started thinking about the hair and makeup for my wedding day, I didn’t really know where to begin. I’m not really a maintenance kind of girl….I hate getting a pedicure, I have never tried eyelash or hair extensions, and I can count the times on one hand that I’ve gotten a spa treatment. So I felt like I had a TON of questions about not only for the day-of the wedding, but also how to appropriately prepare in the months leading up to the big day. I think every woman wants to feel and look like a princess on their wedding day, so that may include extra services that you normally don’t treat yourself to. After doing some initial research online, I realized there wasn’t very much information out there for brides to be in terms of hair and makeup. Yes, Pinterest has all the beautiful inspo pics…but I needed ANSWERS. I found myself constantly reaching out to my sister-in-law (who owns her own salon & spa) with all my beauty questions. I figured I couldn’t be the only woman who felt completely clueless when it came to this wedding day topic, so I decided to reach out to my personal hair stylist Jessica Bach at Savvy Salon & Spa, as well my friend and makeup artist Molly Uedig at Hair, Makeup & Molly to get their expert opinion. They were kind enough to answer all my hair and makeup questions, as well as provide some common questions they frequently receive from their bridal clients. So in case you are also feeling alone in your bridal beauty journey, this post is for you! I hope you enjoy Wedding Day Glam: A Hair and Makeup Q&A.


Wedding Day Glam: Hair

Advice on hair touch ups throughout the day?

  • Have light hold hairspray and bobby pins available. Assign hair duty to a trusty friend! 

How many stylists per amount of girls do you need? For instance, if you have 12 wedding guests that want their hair done, how many stylists do you need? Or do you do it in waves?  

  • 6 bridesmaids will require 2 or more stylists

  • The bride usually require 2.5 hours 

  • Assign 4– 5 stylists If you have 10 or more wedding guests 

  • Ask your stylists, they will always give you the best advice depending on their speed and experience.

What about extensions? Are clip in extensions ok or do I need to splurge and invest in sewn in extensions?

  • First time extension wearers will want clip ins just because they will feel more comfortable after removing them at the end of the day. I suggest Permanent hair extensions If you want a certain look for the rehearsal dinner and your honey moon.

If you regularly color your hair, how close to the wedding should you have your hair color touched up?

  •  Hair color should be done two weeks prior to the wedding to allow room for any last minute details building up to the wedding. Also, hair appointments with your stylist should be booked at least a month before the appointment date to ensure your stylist has availability 

How much time should you a lot for hair on the wedding day?

  • Hair and makeup will take at least 3-4 hours. I would ask the stylists depending on their speed and expertise. Consider location if they are comfortable on site with plenty of lighting, outlets, extension cords, space as this will slow down the process if the working space is set up incorrectly.

  • What is your opinion on the bridal party traveling to the hair/makeup studio vs having the beauty team come to your house/hotel/etc?

  • Both are suitable as long as the working space is set up completely. Also remember that a stylist leaving their salon will need time to set up and break down.

  • Prior to the day-of, have a schedule made with consistent time checks to make sure you are running on time. You may want to consult with your wedding planner or day-of coordinator if you have one.

  • Ensure a designated clean working area with your photographer in order to have behind the scenes pictures of the getting ready process. Lighting, outlets, mirrors, tables, extension cords, and a schedule will make the process much more organized. 

What is the protocol on payment?

  • Typically the payment is provided by each wedding guest unless you have a more flexible budget. 

What happens if the main stylist the bride booked with is sick?

  • Having a larger team booked for hair and makeup is always a safer bet. 

  • Blow dry bars in the area are a great resource

  • Discuss hair and makeup with a friend prior who is blessed with beauty skills. 

  • If you have a dependable stylist who can save the day make sure they know the day of the wedding in advance

How many hair trials are appropriate and what should you go over during the trial? Do “inspiration/Pinterest images” help the stylist?

  • One trial is typical. Trials will take one hour book them a month before the wedding and be open to their suggestions after you share your inspiration.

What is the protocol for adding on people once the initial contract was booked?

  • Adding guests should be discussed with your hair and makeup team a month in advance. Be aware of compromising your schedule with last minute changes. 

What is the protocol if someone is not pleased with their hair style?

  • Open communication is always a requirement during the process to avoid dissatisfaction. 

How do you keep the hairstyles timeless and cohesive?

  • Styles are timeless and cohesive if you allow a creative to coach you on what will work for your hair type. 

How do you explain to the wedding party that there needs to be uniformity, not one girl tying to over shine the bride?

  • Styles should be chosen before the wedding day to ensure they have your approval.

What is the “tipping” protocol?

  • Always tip at least 20% of the total cost. 


Wedding Day Glam: Makeup

If you want to play-up your eyes, is it better to go with eyelash extensions or flasies?

  • If you’re a bride who likes to glam and is used to using falsies, and you have a pair you love I say go for it! If you have sensitive eyes or are nervous falsies might irritate your eyes I would opt for lash extensions. If you go the extension route, I suggest trying them a few months before your wedding to make sure they are right for you. Either way, lashes stand out in pictures and truly complete a makeup look. I think everyone should wear them on their wedding day!

Do you have any recommendations for skincare prep?

  • Make sure you exfoliate the night before and use a heavy moisturizer. The following morning apply a day time moisturizer at least 30 min before your makeup goes on. Even if you have oily skin, this step is essential for a flawless glowy bridal look. I would suggest a gentle facial the week before as well! 

What about makeup touch-ups throughout the day?

  • You’re only paying your makeup artist for the hours they a lot to you, so anything past that will be your responsibility. I suggest going to Sephora, have them do your makeup and give you suggestions on a great lipstick, concealer and powder. Keep those in your clutch or hand them to your most responsible bridesmaid so they are available to you for touch ups through out the day! If you go the falsie route, get a lash glue with a wand applicator just in case. 

Is it a good idea to have inspiration pictures to show your makeup artist?

  • Honestly, I have mixed feelings on this one. Pictures are great as long as the person in the pictures has similar features/ tones to you. If your makeup artist makes a suggestion or steers you in a different direction, trust them and work with them They are there to highlight your best features. My best work is always when the Bride is laid back and open to my suggestions! 

What is the best way to handle lipstick application throughout the day?

  • Buy a lipstick for your makeup artist to put on that you can keep and re apply through out the day. 

What type of outfit is best to wear so it doesn’t  mess up makeup?

  • Some sort of button up or robe without a collar! 

How many makeup trials should you do pre-wedding? 

  • I usually suggest one! Anything more than that can make you over think it and stress over it. Have it done when you plan to go out with your friends or somewhere your going to take pictures. If there are things you want to change day of just let your makeup artist know and he or she will make those adjustments for you! Again, find a makeup artist you truly trust and let them take the lead. It will be less stress on you and I promise their work will be best when they feel like you are trusting them.

What is the tipping protocol?

Your makeup artist is providing you with a service, just like anything else in the service industry I recommend that you tip! Let them know you appreciate them. 

What if I cry / How do I prevent my makeup from smearing?

  • Order a cute handkerchief off of Etsy and keep it with you trough out the day. Instead of wiping your tears, gently dab them to prevent any running or smudging. Your makeup artist will have waterproof mascara available to you of course but this is a good bonus tip! 

What is better: Traditional or airbrush makeup?

  • I haven’t worked with airbrush much myself and I find my best work to be with traditional makeup. However another makeup artist work may be reflected better through airbrush. Find someone’s work you love, and trust the product they are using! They are the professionals and are going to be using high quality product that will last all day regardless. Again, trust your professional! 

If I get a spray tan will it effect my makeup look?

  • Nope! Your makeup artist will have a variety of shades to match your color perfectly no matter how dark or light your skin may be.


Photography by KATA WALSH

Our event was held at Savvy Salon & Spa in the beautiful downtown area of Lexington, KY. Thank you Savannah, owner of the salon, for graciously hosting us!


This collaboration was made possible with the following local creatives!

PHOTOGRAPHY: Kata Walsh | @km_creatives

MAKEUP: Molly Ueding | @hairmakeupandmolly

MASTER STYLIST: Jessica Bach | @jessicaaneebach