Pain Relief with CBDMEDIC

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Today I want to chat about pain relief. You guys know I have always enjoyed working out and staying active! Not only is it an important part of the healthy lifestyle I strive to live, it also is the one thing I do to give myself the “me time” that I think we all need! Typically my workouts consist of weight training as well as cardio, but some days it’s simply taking Reggie for a long walk at our favorite park. I also work full-time in the healthcare field, which often means long hours on my feet (most days I get around 15,000 steps!!) as well as moving and ambulating patients. Due to both my workouts and career, my body is consistently sore….specifically my back and neck. Although I incorporate deep stretching and yoga into my daily routine, some days it’s just not enough and I’m still in pain.


I used to try and just “tough it out”. I’m not a big fan of taking pain medicine, but there are days when I just really needed pain relief. I started to look in natural options, and that’s when I came across CBDMEDIC™ ACTIVE SPORT™

Pain Relief with CBDMEDIC

One thing I love about these products is that they are formulated with high quality natural ingredients! CBDMEDIC™ ACTIVE SPORT™ Pain Relief Ointment uses menthol and camphor in a proprietary formulation designed to provide SAFE, FAST, and POWERFUL relief from muscle and joint pain. Menthol creates a cooling sensation and increases blood flow to areas of pain to help enable increased movement. I notice the cool sensation as soon as I start to rub the product onto the affected area, along with the fresh, minty smell. The other main ingredient used, camphor, is a pain-relieving and swelling reduction compound that is readily absorbed through the skin and produces a sensation of heat. Together, these two key ingredients help create fast and targeted pain relief. CBDMEDIC™ ACTIVE SPORT™ products can be applied before, during, and after workouts and comes in a traditional ointment form, and also a sport stick. I prefer the ointment so I can massage the area that is in pain for extra relief and I have been using it first thing in the morning, before my workouts. However, I’m thinking the sport stick would be a great option to take on-the-go for work and travel! Either way, I’m happy to have discovered a more natural option to tackle my pain.


Have you tried any of the CBDMEDIC™ products before? I’d love to know some of your favorite ways to relive work and CBDMEDIC™ products related pain in the comments below!

CBDMEDIC™ products are now available in select CVS Pharmacy locations, click HERE to find a location near you! Or visit the CBDMEDIC™ website HERE to learn more information.

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