The lake is one of our favorite places to be.  There is something about the quiet mornings, with the water so flat and calm. Spending all day in the sun with the breeze flowing through your hair.  And those warm nights filled with watching perfect, uninterrupted sunsets. These are just a few of the reasons, Nathan and I dream about living on a lake one day.  So of course, when my parents asked us to come to the lake for Memorial Day Weekend, we jumped at the chance!!  What better way to kick off summer, then being at our happy place! Watch the FULL VLOG on our weekend HERE !!

IMG_8702 2.jpg

Our first morning, we all woke up early to do some water sports.  In years past, we have done water skiing, or wake-boarding, but lately, the go-to sport is wake-surfing.  If you’re not familiar, wake-surfing is where you trail behind a boat on a short surfboard that's about five feet long and literally surf through the boat's wake without being attached to the boat.  Think of surfing, except without the ocean!  Anyway, my dad and sister love to go!  I’ve tried a couple times, but I think a bad wake-boarding fall of the past has scared me from trying new water sports lol.  However, Nathan being the adventurous one, decided he would try it! He had only gone once before, about a year ago, but was never able to let go of the rope and actually surf.  So, of course, he was bound and determined to step his game up this go-around.  And wouldn’t you know it, he got up and surfed without the rope on his first try!! Watch it all HERE !!


On our second day, my sister, Nathan and I decided to take the jet-ski over to get breakfast! There is this cute little cafe on the other side of the lake that makes fresh donuts every day. It was the perfect morning for a jet-ski ride, sunny with a cool breeze, plus why get in the car if you don’t have to?!  We rode across the lake to cafe, and Lauren and I volunteered to run in and pick up the goods, while Nathan went for a little solo ride.  We went in only to discover…..they were OUT OF DONUTS.  Insert sad face here.  So, we settled for a muffin and a couple of iced coffees instead, which we enjoyed on the dock as we watched the pontoons and boats pass by.  We spent the rest of the day out on the boat, with our family friends, tubing and swimming! It was the perfect summer day! 


We had a great holiday weekend, and we were sad to leave.  It was so nice being at the lake for a couple of days, and we loved spending time with family and friends!  We are already planning our next trip back home!

What’s your happy place?? We would love to hear about it below! And don’t forget to check out the vlog of our entire weekend at the lake HERE !!